Winter Wonder-Tour in Wisconsin


What’s the best way to make it through the Wisconsin winter (well, besides watching the Packers)? It’s to start thinking about summer, and nothing says summer like dogs catching Frisbees

The Marvelous Mutts are back at the Milwaukee Boat Show!!

The Milwaukee Boat Show is Wisconsin’s largest boating exposition with over 300 boats from over 80 manufacturers – motor yachts, runabouts, aluminum boats, pro style fishing rigs, pontoon boats, cruisers…you name it!  Wakeboarding, cruising, sunning, fishing or just hanging out on the water…all are facets of the boating lifestyle and the Milwaukee Boat Show is a celebration of just that.

We are here with our high-flying Frisbee dogs and agility racing dogs. We have had huge, enthusiastic crowds for our first week at the Milwaukee Boat Show. Boating fans LOVE dogs, and that has shown in every performance in our first week here.

Our set-up for indoor frisbee/agility shows. We can accommodate unique space challenges, and we bring our own foam mat flooring for the dogs’ safety.

Henrik blazes through the agility course, and the crowd goes wild!

A lucky volunteer gets picked to throw the frisbee for Mucho. Don’t worry . . . he looks at everybody like that. ;-

You Won’t Want to Miss The Marvelous Mutts!

If you missed us the first weekend of the Boat Show, there is plenty of time to catch a show this week. We will be performing Wednesday, January 25 – Sunday, January 29. You won’t want to miss these flipping, flying Frisbee, and agility racing dogs!

Helen ZouvelekisComment