Chris sends Bass soaring off the dock!

Chris sends Bass soaring off the dock!

Meet Christopher Padilla



This is Chris’s first year performing with The Marvelous Mutts, and we are thrilled to have Chris and his canine kids as part of the team!

Chris has traveled all the way from Puerto Rico to join us for 2017. Animals have always been a family affair for Chris. Growing up with his grandparents, the family had many kinds of animals: cockatiels, chickens, rabbits, cats and of course, dogs. Currently, Chris travels the country performing with his fiancé, Deirani (also part of The Marvelous Mutts team), and their pack of 9 canine athletes.

Chris and D adopted Big Boy Bass in 2012, and at the time, he was a teeny tiny puppy - only three weeks old. As Bass grew, his energy also grew, and Chris began to search for healthy outlets for Bass. As a team, they tried a little bit of everything including competitive obedience, agility, Frisbee, and even pulling Chris on his skate board! It was a win-win: a great way to help Bass use up his energy, and a fun way for Chris to spend time with his new best friend. They formed a great partnership in the process.

Chris’s proudest accomplishment as a dog trainer was the rehabilitation of Ray. When Chris adopted Ray, he was a very shy and fearful dog. Chris was patient with him, and through positive exposure, time, consistency and motivation, Ray dramatically transformed into a confident and focused dog. Ray now happily performs in front of crowds and loves to meet people after the shows. Ray’s transformation is a great testament to Chris’s dedication. Chris loves the opportunity he gets through performing, to share his communication with and connection to his dogs. He believes that working with dogs opens “ourselves not only to teach them but to learn from them as well.”

When not performing, Chris and Deirani love to spend time in nature with their dogs: hiking, exploring, camping, taking it all in. At the end of the performance season, Chris and D head back to their permanent home in Puerto Rico where they educate others on how to build solid relationships with dogs. Chris and Deirani document their adventures with their dogs with some amazing photography and videography. You can follow their adventures through The Canine Experience on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.


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