Deriani helping Ultra show off one of her new tricks!

Deriani helping Ultra show off one of her new tricks!

Meet Deirani Collazo 

This is Deirani’s first year performing with The Marvelous Mutts. We are so lucky to have D and her amazing dogs as part of the team.

Deirani joins us all the way from the beautiful island of Puerto Rico, which is where she grew up and where she currently spends her winters. D’s family could not have a dog when she was a young girl, but she has made up for her late start to the dog world by diving in head first.

As soon as Deirani got a place of her own, she got her first dog. And then another. And another. In 2011, Deirani completed a formal dog training certification program in Hutto, TX.  Aside from learning about general dog training and behavior, the program introduced D to the world of dog sports, and she was hooked! Deirani remembers watching the Incredible Dog Challenge and thinking that one day . . . she would be there with one of her dogs. In 2016, D and her dog Sky were invited to compete at the Eastern Regionals of the IDC in Diving Dog, achieving one her proudest accomplishments.

Currently, Deirani and her fiancé Chris (also a member of The Marvelous Mutts team), travel the country with 9 amazing canine athletes. Her favorite part of performing with her dogs is the connection she has with each of her dogs, and watching her dogs enjoy every minute of what they are doing.

When they are not performing with The Marvelous Mutts, D and Chris love to travel. With their RV, they can go just about anywhere with their dogs, so they take every chance they get to camp, hike and explore. When D and Chris go back to Puerto Rico in the winter, they soak in its green mountains and clear beaches, and try to get more people on the island interested in dog sports.

Deirani and Chris document their adventures with their dogs with some amazing photography and videography. You can follow their adventures through The Canine Experience on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.


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