It’s just a game of retrieve!

It’s just a game of retrieve!

We use simple games of retrieve, to not only make our dogs faster on the competition field, but to build up stamina. We rarely use flying discs for this purpose but rather rubber balls that all our dogs love. We have also found that tennis balls wear their teeth down, so we prefer rubber for this purpose as well.

Here are a few tips of things we like to do:

By using a launcher like Chuck It, we are able to throw balls longer than we are with just our bare hands.

We throw multiple balls in multiple directions to keep dogs moving and driving towards their targets.

We try to make the ball bounce, so dogs practice their mouth/eye coordination.

We keep it fun, and quit before the dog gets too tired and doesn’t want to play anymore or before he’s so tired he could hurt himself.

Have fun- play with your dog!


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