(road) traveling with dogs

(road) traveling with dogs


We travel all over the country with our dogs in a 36′ motor coach that has all the living standards of home in a condensed package. There is room for all of our dogs to ride comfortably and more importantly SAFE. And there is storage space for all of their gear- blankets, toys, frisbees and food! And yes, there is even room for a few things for the humans that travel with them.

Here is our check list of things we pack when we are getting ready to hit the road:

food, treats, bowls, blankets (account for accidents), Kongs, canned food for stuffing Kongs, leashes (lots of extras), toys for every occasion, frisbees, crates, dog beds, long line

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  1. Stacey Oakson says

    Effective checklist. I remember creating my own checklist before when we travel with my dog named Leenard. It was fun and a memorable travel.


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