Rutgers Basketball – Go Scarlet Knights!!

Rutgers Basketball – Go Scarlet Knights!!

The Marvelous Mutts waiting patiently to perform at today's basketball games.

The Marvelous Mutts are ready to entertain Rutgers University Scarlet Knights fans at today’s Women’s and Men’s Basketball games!

The Mutts will take the floor at halftime of the Women’s game at 2:00 p.m. EST. The RU Women’s team is currently ranked 10th in the nation and will play host to Cincinnati.

The RU Menwill play No. 8 UConn at 7 pm tonight. The TV crews are already on site. The buzz is brewing. Wee-la wants to know if the TV crews are here just for her. The rest of The Marvelous Mutts are resting up and patiently waiting to play their part in today’s exciting games.

Squeak, Bandit, and Squirt have their booties ready to go, and are excited to be representing The Marvelous Mutts at Rutgers University. GO SCARLET KNIGHTS!!!

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