Imagine the SMILES on their faces

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Flying Dogs!!!

The Marvelous Mutts fly after discs, fly into pools of water and fly through agility courses. See everything these Marvelous Mutts can do at your next event!

Bring on The Spectacular!

Learn about the shows, the team, and how to bring us to your next event!

Meet The Marvelous Mutts!

Bring some of the world's most athletic canines to your next event!

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Nadja Bandit Crowd


The Marvelous Mutts, A Canine Spectacular! People love dogs, and they love to watch dogs do amazing things. Your audiences will love our teams of talented performers, both human and canine. Featuring some of the world’s finest canine athletes, our team of dogs, all adopted from shelters and rescues, astounds audiences with their entertaining tricks, […]



  About The Canine Spectacular!   The Marvelous Mutts, A Canine Spectacular, is a thrilling dog sport entertainment show that showcases some of the world’s finest canine athletes. The dogs amaze audiences as they flip and fly to snatch flying discs out of the air, race through obstacle courses with breathtaking speed, and launch themselves […]