This is a great big THANK YOU to all of the talented trainers and their dogs who joined us on the road this year.

Some of these trainers joined us for the first time and had no idea what they were getting themselves into. Setting up and tearing down, miles of travel and extreme temperatures, these fabulous trainers never faltered. And joining us again this year, Erich & Kara Steffensen, Nate Bednar and Christina Curtis led teams and took on additional responsibility- we couldn’t have done it without them!

All of the dogs that joined us were marvelous! From young pups who were just getting onto a stage for the first time to seasoned veterans and accomplished competitive dogs - these dogs wowed audiences throughout the country.

Together we performed over 600 shows in 2016!

  • Annie Cardelle
  • Nate Bednar
  • Erich Steffensen
  • Kara Steffensen     
  • Christina Curtis
  • Chandler Curtis
  • Mike Curtis
  • Jeremy Barnhill
  • Jennifer Gfeller
  • Rose Rucker     
  • Sara Brueske
  • Melissa Dragovich
  • David Gosch
  • Lindsey Hamilton-Donnelly
  • Monique Plinck
  • Arlene Collins
  • Charlotte Blake
  • Ben Sykes
We are so grateful to everyone who joined us and hope that you will join us again in 2017 and continue to bring “a canine spectacular” to people everywhere!
— Nadja & Kara


Helen Zouvelekis