Interested in joining our team?

We are interested in meeting members of the dog sport/loving community who are looking for an opportunity to work with dogs, travel the country and get a bit of a workout while living the dream! Good communication skills and dogs who have been adopted are a bonus. Our review process is ongoing.

Tell us about yourself. Please list your experience in training (agility, frisbee or dock diving) or any show experience:

Let us know about your current dogs that you feel are MARVELOUS. Please include age, breed (or mix) and their specialty (agility, frisbee or dock diving). Also include their rescue story if applicable. Feel free to attach a video of your mutts!

  • Do you believe that rescue dogs rock?

  • Are you interested in working with dogs?

  • Eager to showcase your dog’s talent?

  • Are you self-motivated?

  • Do you love to travel?

  • Don’t mind a little physical labor?

  • Do you have a dog or more that excels at the sport of agility, canine disc or dock diving?

If you answered yes to all of the above, we would love to consider you for our team!

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Let us know about your experience as a dog trainer. Are you relatively new or a seasoned professional. We're looking for all skill levels so don't worry if you haven't been doing it for too long.
Tell us about the potential new star(s) of our show! How old? What breed? Any special tricks we haven't seen before?