the mutts

The Marvelous Mutts have wowed crowds throughout the United States and around the world, performing at baseball, football, basketball and soccer games, fairs, festivals, home shows and pet expos. This seasoned crew of performing canines, all adopted from shelters and through rescue groups and each with an amazing story will leave everyone with smiles on their faces and believing that rescue dogs are amazing! Meet some of these fabulous dogs here:


Adopted from: SecondChanceRescue, KC, MO
Adoption Date: March 2006

Little Squirt is all about speed and determination. If there is a toy in play, she won’t stop until she gets it. She is completely deaf and has been since birth, but that doesn’t stop her either. Squirt is a four-time world finalist in canine disc (in 5 years of competition). She is an amazing athlete and she is all heart.




Adopted from: Flying K9s HerdDogRescue, OH
Adoption Date: November 2006

The tiniest of the bunch, WEE amazes crowds with her leaps and ability to get big air! She was among the top microdogs in the country throughout her competitive disc dog career, including a podium finish in 2007. Her speed on the agility course and her trick dog antics make her the most entertaining member of the team. You won’t want to miss WEE-la!


Adopted from: Flying K9s HerdDogRescue, OH
Adoption Date: November 2007

Lolita exudes excitement and is the fastest member of the team. She puts spectacular in our tag line with her amazing speed and rocks any event with her graceful agility and disc skills. And she loves to meet kids of all ages after the show.



Adopted from: Flying K9s HerdDogRescue, OH
Adoption Date: September 2010

Squeak has earned the title of the biggest jumping dog on the team. Her catching ability and determination is impressive. She loves to show off her flying leaps and takes every opportunity to make new friends all over the country. Come see Squeak perform and meet her after the show; she loves to have her belly rubbed!



Adopted from: AFF, NY
Adoption Date: August 2011

Mee-ha loves agility and flying disc, but her love of dock diving has her jumping almost out of the pool. You won’t get enough of watching MEE-HA jump! In agility, she is as fast as she is graceful. She is a superstar who loves entertaining and hamming it up for the crowds.



Adopted from: Flying K9s Herd Dog Rescue, IN
Adoption Date: October 2011

Just another one of those dogs at the local shelter, eager to get discovered. He is a naturally talented frisbee dog and especially loves to fly over the pool to retrieve! Yoo-Hoo is also a magnet for the camera, having made many TV appearances in his career.



Adopted from: AZ Cattle Dog Rescue, Flagstaff
Adoption Date: March 2012

Tipitina is in-training. She has come back slowly from surgical repairs to both knees, a genetic defect that caused both her knees to luxate. She has seized the opportunity of rehabilitation to work on some pretty impressive skills. Tipitina has personality to spare and her speed on the agility course will astound you!



Adopted from: Jeff. City Animal Shelter, MO
Adoption Date: July 2012

A shelter volunteer contacted us about Shazam after one of our shows. We took one look at her playing with a toy in the shelter play yard, and we knew there wasn’t anything “plain” about this little dog named Jane. Within a week, she was on her way to join the team, and now she thrills audiences everywhere she goes with her super speed, big leaps and sweet disposition. The sky is the limit for Shazam!



Adopted from: a private adoption
Adoption Date: August 2012

One of the oldest dogs we have ever adopted, Bam-Ba-Lam was 5 years old when she joined our family. Her love of play, kids, and her love of life reminds us every day that amazing dogs are just waiting to land in the right place. Bam’s favorite part of the show is when she has the opportunity to interact with her fans. Come meet Bam after a show!



Adopted from: a private adoption
Adoption Date: September 2012

Chica is a young Dutch Shepherd who was picked up as a stray in Miami, FL. She is a heartworm+ survivor who has not skipped a beat impressing audiences all over the country. Chica flies through the air after frisbees with the greatest of ease…you won’t believe what this dog can do!






Adopted from: AZ Cattle Dog Rescue, Flagstaff
Adoption Date: March 2013

Superstar Ba-Ba-Lu is another extremely versatile member of our team. Thanks to the wonderful work of Arizona Cattle Dog Rescue, she came to us with a great foundation for training. She is an impressive dock-diving dog, and in 2016 we expect she will make her agility debut!


Adopted from: Glen Highland Farm, NY
Adoption Date: September 2013

Mucho (Too Much) was surrendered to Glen Highland Farm after his previous owners reported that he was “over-herding” the livestock on their cattle farm. With just a little work on self-control and the wonderful game of frisbee, he has evolved into a fun young dog with lots of potential. Like many border collies, Mucho takes his work on the team very seriously.



Adopted from: KC Pet Project, KC, MO
Adoption Date: January 2014

Hi-Ho is a phenomenal frisbee dog even though he is one of the smallest of the team. But his talents for flying will impress most audiences when they see him jump off the dock. Hi-Ho redefines WOW!






Adopted from: Bully Project, NYC
Adoption Date: September 2015

Mambo spent the first year of his life in several homes and foster homes in New York City. A true terrier, he was a “bit much” for the city life. Luckily, Mambo ended up with Bully Project in NYC, who recognized his desire to work. Some friends put us in touch with Bully Project and the rest is history. This scruffy dude loves to work and play as much as he loves to give hugs. Look for him as the star of one of our meet ‘n’ greets in the near future!




Adopted from: AZ Cattle Dog Rescue, Flagstaff
Adoption Date: October 2015

Cha-Cha-Cha was picked up as a stray on a reservation in Arizona. Thanks to our friends at ACDR, she got the medical attention she needed and is now a super athlete on 3 wheels! We can’t wait for you to meet one of the most dynamic dogs on our team.





BanditBandit (semi-retired)

Adopted from: 2nd Chance Rescue, KC, MO
Adoption Date: February 2003

Bandit is an All-American jack-of-all trades. He is a two-time world finalist in canine disc, and is proficient in agility and dock diving. While Bandit is best known for the big air he gets while playing disc, his favorite part of doing shows is having kids throw for him and visiting with the crowd after a show to give out big sloppy kisses. Bandit is a certified therapy dog.



In Memoriam


Adopted from: Natural Pet Center, Fargo, ND
Adoption Date: February 2002

Clementine passed away in May 2014. Superstar Clementine’s career was long and her talents were endless. She traveled with the team until her final day and passed away after a short battle with hemangiosarcoma. Clementine was a Master Agility Dog, a Master Jumper (dock diving), and a 7-time world finalist in canine disc. She held the world record for the longest jump by an Australian Cattle Dogs in dock diving for 6 years. She was seen on virtually every American television network, multiple newspapers throughout the country and many foreign appearances on TV (and even radio).  She will forever be with our team since that’s her mug on our logo.