A "Sweet" Time at Riverside County Fair


All set up and ready to go at the Riverside County Fair & National Date Festival

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Jason sampling the delicacy known as "dater tots"!!


While much of the country is dealing with the cold and yearning for spring, in Southern California they are celebrating dates. The sweet mushy kind. HA! to be more specific, the edible kind. It's the National Date Festival here at the Riverside County Fair in Indio, CA, and they've mixed dates with pretty much everything. I've personally sampled the dater tots and the "date shake". 

Speaking of mixes and sweet stuff... The Marvelous Mutts are proud to be in our 4th year here at this impressive fair. Besides the usual shenanigans, (agility, frisbee and dock diving), The Mutts have been posing with princesses and even put on a special show for the "Grand Jury"!     

Yoo-Hoo loves posing with Fair Royalty

Yoo-Hoo loves posing with Fair Royalty

Surrounded by mountains and palm trees, blue skies and bright fair lights, the real beauty is watching these dogs from rescues and shelters all over the country wow kids and parents every day here at the fair. We can only hope that the audience is inspired to rescue or adopt their own superstar or cuddle buddy. Riverside County Animal Services has adopted out nearly 25 dogs each day during the 10-day fair. That's a lot of grateful dogs!  

Jason meeting a new buddy! This is one of the many adorable dogs available for adoption from Riverside County Department of Animal Services.


You're probably thinking the life of a Marvelous Mutt is all palm trees and dater tots, but their adventures take them to many wonderful places...like Michigan, Indiana, Maryland and Ohio to name a few...

We hope you will stop by and say hi whenever or wherever you see The Marvelous Mutts in action. 


By Jason Rigler

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