The Marvelous Mutts . . . Making People Smile All Over the Country

We had a marvelous time entertaining people at two great events this week!

We performed at the West Valley Fair & Music Festival in Glendale, AZ, and the Erie Sport & Travel Expo in Erie, PA. Whether entertaining at a stadium complex in the Southwest, or at an outdoor adventure show in a convention center in the Northeast, we aim for our audiences to smile, clap, and even sometimes . . . scream - at these amazing dogs we call The Marvelous Mutts. And make no mistake, the dogs are the heart and soul of everything we do.

Erie News Now stopped by the show. Check out this news clip of Christina, Chandler and Loco showing how much fun the show is!

Great job Loco!!

Princess Tazer, Christina and Jetta getting ready to perform in Erie, PA!

Chris with Poison Ivy at the West Valley Fair. This young Dutch Shepherd loves dock diving, and is already putting HUGE jumps.

We provide canine entertainment in all kinds of spaces!

With multiple teams, and flexible equipment arrangements, we provide canine entertainment in all kinds of spaces. This weekend is a great example of this, with our full outdoor setup in Glendale, AZ, and a smaller-footprint indoor setup in Erie, PA.

Our full outdoor setup on the Great Lawn at University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, AZ.

Our indoor setup in Erie, PA. Our flooring can be setup in just about any space, and creates a safe and grippy surface for our dogs.

Our dogs love to make people smile!

No matter where we are, or what kind of environment we are performing in, our dogs love to make people smile, whether they are flipping and flying to catch Frisbees, racing through an agility obstacle course, or making a splash when they dive into that big pool of water! If you give us the space and spectators, will make them smile, clap, and scream for The Marvelous Mutts.

Happy “Adoptiversary” to Tipitina!

Tipitina is with Nadja in Glendale, AZ this week, and it’s such an appropriate place to be. Nadja first met Tiptina at an Arizona Cattle Dog Rescue adoption event five years ago in Arizona. She fell in love with this fun, spunky, adorable, deaf cattle dog mix and had to make her part of our Marvelous Mutts family. Tipitina has had a pretty awesome adoptiversary week, but the best surprise was a visit from her former foster mom, Lorina. 

Happy Adoptiversary Day, Tipitina!!!

Tipitina reuniting with her foster mom, Lorina, in Glendale, AZ. Thank you to Arizona Cattle Dog rescue for bringing this fun-loving cattle dog mix into our lives.


The Marvelous Mutts