Year of the Dog 2018

The end of the year is a great time to celebrate all our dogs’ accomplishments. We are so grateful for their hard work (don’t tell them it’s work) and so proud of them. This year our “season” started in January and our last performance was in December- a historic year with well over 700 shows.

As all good things come to an end, some amazing dogs on our team will be retired. They will now spend more time on the couch at TMM HQ than on the road.


As many of you know, all our dogs are adopted from shelters and through rescue groups and for us they are pets first, performers second. That means we are committed to them for their entire lives. And as they get older, we selfishly want to make sure that their time with us is as long as possible.

So as the year closes, we celebrate: Bam-Ba-Lam (10), Squirt (12), Wee-La (11), Lolita (11). They will join the other dogs that have been on the couch for some time: Bandit (15), Pippi (12) and Smokey (11).

But 2018 is the Year of the Dog and a great time to look forward! We have a new and exciting show and exciting new dogs to introduce you to:


Boom-Chicka-Boom Boom-Chicka-Boom! (1) appears to be an Australian Cattle Dog. She is an amazing leaper who lives to play Frisbee with Kara!


Devo (6) is a Whippet built for speed. Christina has been working with him for a few years. You won’t believe how quickly she leads him through an agility course!


Scotty (1) is a Border Collie that Jason recently adopted. Jason is sure he’s going to be a do-it-all dog, he has so much natural talent!


Whizz-Bang (1) is an Australian Cattle Dog who seems to be built for Frisbee. Rose is working hard to get him ready for prime time in 2018.


Disco (2) is a Border Collie that Ben adopted in late 2017. Ben hopes that this quick learner will be introduced to the performance field soon.


Boo-Ya (1) is an Australian Kelpie. Nadja didn’t know when she adopted her this year that she would be such a natural at dock diving!



We look forward to celebrating the Year of the Dog all year long in 2018, and hope you will join us in that celebration!

Happy New Year!!

The Marvelous Mutts

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