Meet The Team: Deirani & Christopher

We are introducing two new team members this week: Deirani Collazo Arguinzoni & Christopher Padilla! D & Chris, and their 9 amazing canine athletes, are joining us for the season all the way from Puerto Rico.

Christopher, Nadja and Deirani at the Riverside County Fair!

Christopher, Nadja and Deirani at the Riverside County Fair!

Deirani was introduced to the world of dog sports when she attended a formal dog training and certification program in Hutto, TX in 2011. Her immediate favorite was Frisbee because of the connection it creates. She describes the incredible feeling she gets when playing Frisbee with one of her dogs: “knowing that he understands you and you-him.”

Chris got hooked on dog sports because he needed to find an outlet for Bass’s energy! Chris tried everything with him including competitive obedience, agility, Frisbee, and even having Bass pull him on his skate board. In the process, Chris and Bass created an amazing bond that you can see during our shows!

Dogs are a family affair for D & Chris. When they are not performing, D & Chris love to travel with their dogs in their RV, taking in all the adventures they can: hiking, camping, and exploring. You can follow their adventures this year on The Marvelous Mutts  Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages, and you can also follow Deirani and Chris through The Canine Experience on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Welcome to the team, Deirani & Christopher!! You can see D & Chris and their marvelous mutts this week at the Carolina Fair in Charlotte, NC. We will be performing at the Carolina Fair from May 26 – June 4.