The Mutts Make the News at the Cleveland Outdoor Adventure Show

Fox 8 News in Cleveland featured The Marvelous Mutts in a Facebook Live segment from the Cleveland Outdoor Adventure Show yesterday! We talked about the exciting things the dogs will be doing at the show – Frisbee tricks and agility racing! And we also highlighted the fact that our dogs are adopted from shelters and rescue groups.

One of the most rewarding things about what we do is sharing the message that Rescue Dogs Rock! A little news focus on that helps to spread the word, so thank you Fox 8 News!

You still have time to see this high-energy, action-packed show at the I-X Center this weekend. If you are in or around the Cleveland, OH area, come on down to see a show. Our Frisbee and agility dogs will show you that Rescue Dogs Rock!

Helen ZouvelekisComment