You Won’t Believe What These Dogs Are Doing!

Come check it out at the Putnam County Fair in Ottawa, OH, as The Marvelous Mutts kick off the summer fair season! The Putnam County Fair runs from June 19 – 24, and we have shows every day of the fair at 6 and 8 pm (plus, a bonus 3:30 show on Tuesday, Kids Day).

Our daily shows will feature high-flying Frisbee dogs, agility racing dogs, dock diving dogs, and amazing trick dogs. Ultra, Bliss and Yoo-Hoo had a chance to show off some of the tricks you can expect to see in the shows when Your News Now visited us at the Fair today. You can see The Marvelous Mutts - Media Hounds clip here:

Skye ready to launch for her Hero disc as the crowd looks on.

Skye ready to launch for her Hero disc as the crowd looks on.

For all the dog lovers (which is pretty everyone, right?), make sure you visit our meet ‘n’ greet table. One of the Marvelous Mutts will be at the table for a visit after each show.

Our dogs love to make new friends, so stop by to see us at the Putnam County Fair!


Meet The Team: Deirani & Christopher

We are introducing two new team members this week: Deirani Collazo Arguinzoni & Christopher Padilla! D & Chris, and their 9 amazing canine athletes, are joining us for the season all the way from Puerto Rico.

Christopher, Nadja and Deirani at the Riverside County Fair!

Christopher, Nadja and Deirani at the Riverside County Fair!

Deirani was introduced to the world of dog sports when she attended a formal dog training and certification program in Hutto, TX in 2011. Her immediate favorite was Frisbee because of the connection it creates. She describes the incredible feeling she gets when playing Frisbee with one of her dogs: “knowing that he understands you and you-him.”

Chris got hooked on dog sports because he needed to find an outlet for Bass’s energy! Chris tried everything with him including competitive obedience, agility, Frisbee, and even having Bass pull him on his skate board. In the process, Chris and Bass created an amazing bond that you can see during our shows!

Dogs are a family affair for D & Chris. When they are not performing, D & Chris love to travel with their dogs in their RV, taking in all the adventures they can: hiking, camping, and exploring. You can follow their adventures this year on The Marvelous Mutts  Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages, and you can also follow Deirani and Chris through The Canine Experience on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Welcome to the team, Deirani & Christopher!! You can see D & Chris and their marvelous mutts this week at the Carolina Fair in Charlotte, NC. We will be performing at the Carolina Fair from May 26 – June 4.



Join us in bringing out the Hero in your dog!

We are thrilled to announce that we will once again be part of Team Hero, an elite team of performers, competitors and instructors of canine disc!

Hero Disc USA is committed to making the finest and safest disc for dogs and we appreciate their support of The Marvelous Mutts.

We get asked often after our shows what discs our dogs use. Super Sonics are our disc of choice for our freestyle routines, they are durable and hold up well to the hundreds of shows we do every year. And for dock diving, where our dogs fly over the pool in pursuit of a disc, we love the flight we get from Hero Air 235. Feel free to ask us if you are looking for the perfect Hero disc for your dog! And check out their vast selection of canine discs at: Hero Disc USA

We’ll be giving away a lot of Hero discs this season during the volunteer portion of our shows, so check in and see when we will be in your area: The Marvelous Mutts Events

Join us in bringing out the Hero in your dog!

#herodiscusa #bringouttheheroinyourdog #teamhero



Meet the Team: Christina Curtis

Christina Curtis has been performing with The Marvelous Mutts since 2011. 

If you have seen Christina perform with her dogs, you have seen her love of animals shining through with her infectious smile. Christina’s love of animals started at an early age. She says as a child, her family had “several German Shepherds, a Chihuahua, cats, hamsters, ducks, guinea pigs, mice, chameleons, turtles,” and whatever else she brought home. The pets were part of the family.

Like many members of our team, Christina got hooked on playing sports with dogs through her work with shelter animals. The first dog she fostered, an Australian Shepherd, was so high energy, she started looking for an outlet for him and soon discovered the Indy Dog and Disc Club (Indianapolis, IN). She and her son Chandler, who also performs with The Marvelous Mutts, adopted their first disc dog in 2005. They turned playing with their dog Jack and competing into a fun family activity, and quickly became competitive in the sport.

Captain Jack, a handsome cattle dog mix, was Christina’s first disc dog. Jack had four homes before he hit the jackpot by landing with Christina.

When she first brought Jack home he was hard to handle, but the new team got to work. Christina and Jack trained together every morning before Christina went to her office job and every evening when she got home. The hard work paid off, and the new team quickly became one of the top Frisbee Dog teams in the Midwest, and competed at many national and world championships together.

In 2006, Christina and Captain Jack became World Champions, reaching the pinnacle of success in the sport.

When Christina isn’t performing with her dogs, she works on teaching them fun tricks and conditioning. You might see them hiking, running or walking around Indianapolis. Christina also trains service dogs, reactive dogs, and teaches pet manners. Christina says her favorite things about performing with her dogs is “seeing my dogs do what they love and making people smile.”

You can read more about Christina and her dogs here:

Christina at the Erie Sport & Travel Expo ( with Princess Tazer and Jetta


The Marvelous Mutts . . . Making People Smile All Over the Country

We had a marvelous time entertaining people at two great events this week!

We performed at the West Valley Fair & Music Festival in Glendale, AZ, and the Erie Sport & Travel Expo in Erie, PA. Whether entertaining at a stadium complex in the Southwest, or at an outdoor adventure show in a convention center in the Northeast, we aim for our audiences to smile, clap, and even sometimes . . . scream - at these amazing dogs we call The Marvelous Mutts. And make no mistake, the dogs are the heart and soul of everything we do.

Erie News Now stopped by the show. Check out this news clip of Christina, Chandler and Loco showing how much fun the show is!

Great job Loco!!

Princess Tazer, Christina and Jetta getting ready to perform in Erie, PA!

Chris with Poison Ivy at the West Valley Fair. This young Dutch Shepherd loves dock diving, and is already putting HUGE jumps.

We provide canine entertainment in all kinds of spaces!

With multiple teams, and flexible equipment arrangements, we provide canine entertainment in all kinds of spaces. This weekend is a great example of this, with our full outdoor setup in Glendale, AZ, and a smaller-footprint indoor setup in Erie, PA.

Our full outdoor setup on the Great Lawn at University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, AZ.

Our indoor setup in Erie, PA. Our flooring can be setup in just about any space, and creates a safe and grippy surface for our dogs.

Our dogs love to make people smile!

No matter where we are, or what kind of environment we are performing in, our dogs love to make people smile, whether they are flipping and flying to catch Frisbees, racing through an agility obstacle course, or making a splash when they dive into that big pool of water! If you give us the space and spectators, will make them smile, clap, and scream for The Marvelous Mutts.

Happy “Adoptiversary” to Tipitina!

Tipitina is with Nadja in Glendale, AZ this week, and it’s such an appropriate place to be. Nadja first met Tiptina at an Arizona Cattle Dog Rescue adoption event five years ago in Arizona. She fell in love with this fun, spunky, adorable, deaf cattle dog mix and had to make her part of our Marvelous Mutts family. Tipitina has had a pretty awesome adoptiversary week, but the best surprise was a visit from her former foster mom, Lorina. 

Happy Adoptiversary Day, Tipitina!!!

Tipitina reuniting with her foster mom, Lorina, in Glendale, AZ. Thank you to Arizona Cattle Dog rescue for bringing this fun-loving cattle dog mix into our lives.


The Marvelous Mutts


That’s a Wrap . . .

We just wrapped up ten glorious days of shows at the Riverside County Fair & National Date Festival. It was a great event – great concerts, great crowds, great weather and great entertainers. We have made some amazing friends at this Fair over the years and look forward to seeing them every year.

We unveiled the new wrap on our RV at this fair.

This 2004 Forest River Georgetown was given new life by our friends at Next Gen Signs in Claverack, NY. We love the ways it blends into the set. Here is a photo of Bass dock diving with the RV in the background.

So Many Dogs Got Adopted – It Was Marvelous!

We were really hoping the Riverside County Department of Animal Services would have another great adoption event this year. Well, we were thrilled to find out that they adopted 317 dogs this year during the 10 days of the Fair! Simply marvelous to see so many dogs find their new forever homes at this event. 317!!!! So awesome.

We introduced two new team members!

This was also a very exciting event for us because we introduced two new team members, Deirani and Chris, and their amazing dogs. They will join us next week at the West Valley Fair & Music Festival at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, AZ, along with many other events throughout the year. Meanwhile, our East Coast fans can catch a show this week at the Erie Sport & Travel Expo at the Bayfront Convention Center in Erie, PA. Christina and her team of marvelous mutts will be showcasing Frisbee and agility racing at that event March 3-5.

Chris, Bass, Deirani, Nadja and Ba-Ba-Lu on the last day of the Riverside County Fair & National Date Festival.

Thank you Indio for another great year!


How Many Dogs Will Get Adopted This Year???

We are back at the Riverside County Fair and National Date Festival in Indio, CA.

This is our third year in a row at this event, and it is one of our absolute favorites. The palm trees, date shakes, and sunny palm desert weather can’t be beat. But our favorite part of this event is being set up right next to the Riverside County Animal Services adoption tent, and seeing hundreds of dogs find their new homes during the 10-day Fair. All of The Marvelous Mutts were adopted from shelters or rescue groups, so it is great fun for us to be able to promote the adoption tent during our shows.

Last year about 260 dogs got adopted during the event. We are hoping they hit 300 this year!

The Fair runs from February 17 - 26, and we have three shows a day at 12, 2 and 4 pm. Our high-flying Frisbee dogs, agility racing dogs and dock diving dogs will be in every show. Cha-Cha-Cha is making her Date Fest debut this year and was honored to play frisbee with fair royalty. 

Cha-Cha-Cha with Princess Dunyazade, Queen Scheherazade and Princess Jasmine after one of our shows.

We hope you can join us at this fabulous event!

The Marvelous Mutts


Winter Wonder-Tour in Wisconsin


What’s the best way to make it through the Wisconsin winter (well, besides watching the Packers)? It’s to start thinking about summer, and nothing says summer like dogs catching Frisbees

The Marvelous Mutts are back at the Milwaukee Boat Show!!

The Milwaukee Boat Show is Wisconsin’s largest boating exposition with over 300 boats from over 80 manufacturers – motor yachts, runabouts, aluminum boats, pro style fishing rigs, pontoon boats, cruisers…you name it!  Wakeboarding, cruising, sunning, fishing or just hanging out on the water…all are facets of the boating lifestyle and the Milwaukee Boat Show is a celebration of just that.

We are here with our high-flying Frisbee dogs and agility racing dogs. We have had huge, enthusiastic crowds for our first week at the Milwaukee Boat Show. Boating fans LOVE dogs, and that has shown in every performance in our first week here.

Our set-up for indoor frisbee/agility shows. We can accommodate unique space challenges, and we bring our own foam mat flooring for the dogs’ safety.

Henrik blazes through the agility course, and the crowd goes wild!

A lucky volunteer gets picked to throw the frisbee for Mucho. Don’t worry . . . he looks at everybody like that. ;-

You Won’t Want to Miss The Marvelous Mutts!

If you missed us the first weekend of the Boat Show, there is plenty of time to catch a show this week. We will be performing Wednesday, January 25 – Sunday, January 29. You won’t want to miss these flipping, flying Frisbee, and agility racing dogs!


The Mutts Make the News at the Cleveland Outdoor Adventure Show

Fox 8 News in Cleveland featured The Marvelous Mutts in a Facebook Live segment from the Cleveland Outdoor Adventure Show yesterday! We talked about the exciting things the dogs will be doing at the show – Frisbee tricks and agility racing! And we also highlighted the fact that our dogs are adopted from shelters and rescue groups.

One of the most rewarding things about what we do is sharing the message that Rescue Dogs Rock! A little news focus on that helps to spread the word, so thank you Fox 8 News!

You still have time to see this high-energy, action-packed show at the I-X Center this weekend. If you are in or around the Cleveland, OH area, come on down to see a show. Our Frisbee and agility dogs will show you that Rescue Dogs Rock!

Winter Tour 2017, Part 1: Cleveland and Milwaukee Here We Come!

We are loaded up and ready to roll for Part 1 of our 2017 Winter Tour!


The first stop is the Cleveland Outdoor Adventure Show at the I-X Center in Cleveland, OH. This show runs from January 13-15. If you are an outdoor enthusiast of any kind, this show will have something for you to see. Of course, if you love dogs, you won’t want to miss it.

After Cleveland, we head to the Milwaukee Boat Show at the Wisconsin Expo Center at the State Fair Park. The Milwaukee Boat Show is Wisconsin’s largest boating exposition with over 300 boats from over 80 manufacturers. We will be performing shows January 20 – 22 & January 25 – 29. We performed at the Milwaukee Boat Show in 2015, and we love this show. Our dogs love water sports, after all, and that’s what this show is all about!

Our shows in Cleveland and Milwaukee will feature our Frisbee dogs and agility racing dogs in an action-packed, family-friendly format. These shows are perfect for indoor, winter shows: Boat Shows, Travel Shows, RV Shows, Home Shows, Outdoor Expos and more! 

We look forward to seeing you!

Kara & Nadja




Winter Training with The Marvelous Mutts

Winter for us, like many, is the time of year that things slow down. The days are shorter and colder, so it’s a great time for us and our dogs to rest up after a long season of performing. But for our young dogs, it’s also the time of year to work on skills for next year. We have been taking some classes, both in person and online, to keep ourselves on a schedule and learn from some other amazing dog professionals that are part of our community.

Kara and Nadja are both taking online classes with the Fenzi Dog Sports Academy.

Nadja is taking the “Disc Dog – Freestyle Tricks” class with Cha-Cha-Cha (taught by Sara Brueske, who you saw performing with us if you saw our show at the Stevens County Fair in Minnesota). Kara is working on “Performance Fundamentals” with Mambo and Boom-Chicka-Boom.






We love the Fenzi format. 

You can register for different levels of courses, depending on how much personal interaction you want from the Instructor and what sort of budget you have. The Performance Fundamentals class is a great place to start if you want to get involved in dog sports or trick training.

We took a “Foundations Stations” class with Monique Plinck at Criterion Agility – Kara with Boom, and Nadja with Cha-Cha-Cha. The purpose of this class is to prepare young dogs for a future in dog sports and performance by exposing them to, and getting them comfortable with, all kinds of odd things: walking on different surfaces, hearing different sounds, learning different skills, all in a fun, safe and rewarding environment. Monique is our go-to instructor for all things agility. She has performed with us since we started our shows in 2011. She has qualified for multiple world teams in agility with her dog Tiki, and her dog Tush just qualified for his first world team appearance this fall. We were so glad we got to take our young dogs to this class. We drove over 4 hours round-trip to spend an afternoon training with Monique and it was so worth it!

We will be posting lots of training videos and pics of our young dogs in the coming weeks on our Facebook page, so be sure to follow our page if you haven’t already!

Happy Holidays!

Kara and Nadja




Giving Tuesday!

It’s our favorite day of the holiday season here at The Marvelous Mutts HQ – it’s Giving Tuesday!

This year we wanted to do something special for a canine charity that is near and dear to our hearts, The Chase Away K9 Cancer Fund (a division of the National Canine Cancer Foundation).

Canine Cancer simply sucks, and unfortunately it affects way too many of us pet parents. Our darling Clementine, the original Marvelous Mutt, and the dog that will adorn our logo for eternity, passed from canine cancer in 2014. When cancer took Cera Reusser’s beloved Chase in 2006, Cera determined to do something amazing in her memory, and Chase Away K9 Cancer was born. Chase Away K9 Cancer has brought an awareness to canine cancer, especially in our dog sport community, that didn’t exist before, and has raised over a million dollars to help improve the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of this terrible disease. As Cera says:

“It’s amazing where a broken heart can take you. Chase continues to share her love with so many and I know she is here by my side on this journey we now call Chase Away K9 Cancer.”

In honor of Clementine, we are giving $500 to Chase Away K9 Cancer on this Giving Tuesday. We hope you will visit their website and learn more about the amazing work they are doing, and consider making a donation.

Clementine at The Marvelous Mutts HQ in Taghkanic, NY, 201


Note: For the past couple of years, we have had a friendly competition among our favorite rescue groups in the country, many of which we have adopted our Marvelous Mutts from. (Kansas City Pet Project won in 2014 and Perfect Pets Rescue won in 2015, each earning our Giving Tuesday donation of $500). There are many other worthy rescue groups, and we will likely return to our competition format in future years.



This is a great big THANK YOU to all of the talented trainers and their dogs who joined us on the road this year.

Some of these trainers joined us for the first time and had no idea what they were getting themselves into. Setting up and tearing down, miles of travel and extreme temperatures, these fabulous trainers never faltered. And joining us again this year, Erich & Kara Steffensen, Nate Bednar and Christina Curtis led teams and took on additional responsibility- we couldn’t have done it without them!

All of the dogs that joined us were marvelous! From young pups who were just getting onto a stage for the first time to seasoned veterans and accomplished competitive dogs - these dogs wowed audiences throughout the country.

Together we performed over 600 shows in 2016!

  • Annie Cardelle
  • Nate Bednar
  • Erich Steffensen
  • Kara Steffensen     
  • Christina Curtis
  • Chandler Curtis
  • Mike Curtis
  • Jeremy Barnhill
  • Jennifer Gfeller
  • Rose Rucker     
  • Sara Brueske
  • Melissa Dragovich
  • David Gosch
  • Lindsey Hamilton-Donnelly
  • Monique Plinck
  • Arlene Collins
  • Charlotte Blake
  • Ben Sykes
We are so grateful to everyone who joined us and hope that you will join us again in 2017 and continue to bring “a canine spectacular” to people everywhere!
— Nadja & Kara


Meet the Newest Marvelous Mutt

Please say "Woof" to the newest member of our team: Boom-Chicka-Boom!

Boom is a 4-month-old Australian Cattle Dog mix we adopted from the Ohio Cattle Dog Rescue Team. She loves to play and learn, so we think she has potential to do just about anything. Right now she is learning how to settle in with the rest of the pack, and she is doing a great job. 

To follow along with Boom's training progress, be sure to sign up to follow our blog. We will be posting lots of updates about this little cutie pie and the rest of The Marvelous Mutts! 

Kara and Nadja, The Marvelous Mutts

Our First Blog by The Marvelous Mutts

We are thrilled to be completely booked all summer through the end of October.

The Marvelous Mutts, A Canine Spectacular, is a thrilling dog sport entertainment show that includes, agility dogs, disc dogs and dock diving, showcasing some of the world’s finest athletes! The Mutts have wowed crowds throughout the United States and South America!

Our dogs have reached the highest levels in every sport they have competed in: multiple world finalist disc dogs, national finalist agility dogs.

Follow our new blog to hear about how we use our energy and passion to make this happen!
— Nadja and Kara
Meet The Marvelous Mutts

Meet The Marvelous Mutts